Guild of Forest Gardeners Membership

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Subscribing to a membership supports my wildlife forest garden design & community work, and more broadly my climate activism.

We are in the midst of a Nature & Climate Emergency. My focus is on creating community forest gardens, in the form of wildlife allotments and community wildlife orchards, facilitated by Community Assemblies. I am also assembling reference material to help other people form their own community forest gardens.

I have created a number of free resources, including a forest garden spreadsheet, a UK native plants for gardening spreadsheet, a free mini-course and lots of videos.

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Help support my wildlife food forest gardening and climate activism work. I promote native plants, perennial edibles, natural processes & local, recycled, natural materials

Weekly-ish newsletter, with quick links, forest garden photos & inspirational quote
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Resources & support to establish your own community forest garden
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Guild of Forest Gardeners Membership

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